In Selenium WebDriver, how to use xpath for the below HTML using Link Text ("Add New Button")

<a href="SOME URL">
 <span >
  <i class=""/>
 </span>Add New Button

I tried to inspect the element as below but all dint work

1) //a[text()='Add New Button']
2) //a[contains(text(),'Add New Button']
3) //a/span/i[text()='Add New Button']
4) //a/span/i[contains(text(),'Add New Button']

I know that 3 and 4 won't , but just tried it.

So for such a HTML DOM, How to find the link using the link text using xpath?

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    Try with //a[contains(., 'Add New Button')] – acikojevic Jan 11 '17 at 8:43
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    2) Is missing a closing parenthesis isn't it? – geisterfurz007 Jan 11 '17 at 8:53

Some of the answers that were already given work, others don't. And I think the OP would benefit from more explanations.

Your original expression:

//a[text()='Add New Button']

Does not work because the text node that contains "Add New Button" also has a newline character at the end.

The next one:

//a[contains(text(),'Add New Button']

Does not work (leaving aside the missing parenthesis) because text() returns a sequence of nodes and a function like contains() will only evaluate the first node in the sequence. In this case, the first text node inside a only contains whitespace and is not the one that contains "Add New Button".

You can validate this claim with:

//a[contains(text()[2],'Add New Button')]

which will test whether the second text node of a contains "Add New Button" - and this expression will return the a element. But the best solution in this case is:

//a[contains(.,'Add New Button')]

. will evaluate to the so-called "string value" of an element, a concatenation of all its text nodes which will include "Add New Button".

A solution with normalize-space() is also possible, but has nested predicates:

//a[text()[normalize-space(.) = "Add New Button"]]
  • In the second method, you missed a parenthesis of contains – Black Thunder May 25 '20 at 1:19
  • @BlackThunder You're right, edited - thanks for pointing this out. – Mathias Müller May 25 '20 at 6:31

with xpath you can check if the element contains a text with below statement

//a[contains(., 'Button')]

Link text contains unnecessary spaces from the right side of main text, so you need following to get rid of them:

'//a[normalize-space(.)="Add New Button"]'
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    This answer returns the correct result, but for the wrong reason. text()="Add New Button" evaluates to "false" because there is no such text node. normalize-space() will interpret the boolean as a string (identical to the result of: string(//a/text() ="Add New Button")) and the whole predicate boils down to: //a[true]. You can test this by removing "Add New Button" from the HTML and the a element will still be returned. – Mathias Müller Jan 11 '17 at 10:25

Use following xpath

 //*[contains(text(),'Add New Button')]


//a/i[contains(text(),'Add New Button')]


//a[@href='SOME URL']/i

or Using cssSelector -

a[href='SOME URL']>i
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    The first two of your suggestions are wrong (they do not return any result), and the other two disregard the fact that "Add New Button" should be used to identify the element. – Mathias Müller Jan 11 '17 at 10:18

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