My html other pages is in the edit folder.

I am currently using this script below

<!--/*/ <th:block th:include="fragments/header :: header"></th:block> /*/-->

Script above works if the html document is in the same directory. (Eg; index.html is able to read the fragments). But I created a new directory(named: edit) to store my html pages. I need to get out of the current folder so it would be able to find the fragment folder using ../

<!--/*/ <th:block th:include="../fragments/header :: header"></th:block> /*/-->

But this method does not work. How would I be able to exit out a folder using this syntax?

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It looks like you are using Spring Boot. Spring Boot autoconfigures Thymeleaf to find all HTML files in /templates.

In the default you can see it:


So (because Thymeleaf uses /templates as root) that should work:

<th:block th:include="fragments/header :: header"></th:block>


<th:block th:include="/fragments/header :: header"></th:block>

You don't "need to get out of the current folder".

  • I found an interesting phenomenon, when i start the path without / in local dev,it's ok,but after i package the project to jar file,thymeleaf can not find the fragment.i do not find more details for this. – janwen Jan 26 at 11:23
  • @janwen Maybe you can make a new issue for the Spring developers? – benkuly Jan 26 at 11:43

I've not used Thymeleaf before, but this forum post may be of some use to you.

It seems to indicate that there's a way to set up the paths to use a prefix and suffix mechanism, to avoid the need to provide a path itself at this stage.

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    This should have been a comment – Raja Anbazhagan Nov 27 '17 at 16:20

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