I am programming a Windows Form Application and I need to programmatically get back to the Desktop.

I tried this code, but it is not working:

using System;
using System.Windows.Forms;

private void ToggleDesktop() {

SendKeys.Send("^({ESC}D)"); //<-- Semantic error, Should simulate: WIN+D


Is there a possibility to do that?


You can use the Shell32.dll windows assembly to do that.

Just add a reference to C:\Windows\System32\Shell32.dll, then go to the reference properties and put a False near Embed Interop Types (since the class you're going to use is ShellClass, which is interop.

Now, it's as simple as

Shell32.ShellClass objShel = new Shell32.ShellClass();
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    Note, you need to be running on an STA thread or you will get a weird exception. – Derek Jul 20 '18 at 13:20

Also possible (tested under Windows 8.1):

Add COM reference to "Microsoft Shell Controls and Automation"


using Shell32;

Shell shellObject = new Shell();
shellObject.ToggleDesktop(); // WinXp: ((Shell32.IShellDispatch4)shellObject).ToggleDesktop();

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