Does anyone know how to display a local image in markdown? I don't want to setup a webserver for that.

I try the following in markdown, but it doesn't work:


  • Note: if you have spaces in the file path, they have to be url-encoded or the link won't work in some systems (e.g. GitHub). – Christian Long Sep 1 '20 at 19:54

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I suspect the path is not correct. As mentioned by user7412219 ubuntu and windows deal with path differently. Try to put the image in the same folder as your Notebook and use:

![alt text](Isolated.png "Title")

On windows the desktop should be at: C:\Users\jzhang\Desktop

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    What does "Title" do? – niCk cAMel Mar 21 '18 at 8:29
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    @niCkcAMel "Title" is what is shown if you hover your mouse over the image. "alt text" is what is shown, instead, if the image cannot be displayed. – chris Jul 19 '18 at 1:46
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    "Try to put the image in the same file" : is that supposed to be file --> folder? – patrick Jan 23 '19 at 18:31

The following works with a relative path to an image into a subfolder next to the document:

![image info](./pictures/image.png)
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    IMHO the best answer, works with a GitHub markdown file in the desired manner. – Erich Kuester Jan 8 '19 at 22:34
  • The best answer! – Zahra Taheri Jul 19 '20 at 14:15
  • Best answer, worked in jupyter – Bex T. Apr 6 at 14:01
  • ![image info](pictures/image.png) also works – WEBjuju Jun 1 at 19:58

Solution for Unix-like operating system.

  1. Create a directory named like Images and put all the images that will be rendered by the Markdown.

  2. For example, put example.png into Images.

  3. To load example.png that was located under the Images directory before.


Note : Images directory must be located under the same directory of your markdown text file which has .md extension.

  • What is the path of that "Images" folder? Did you add it to any config in vscode? – K_dev Apr 29 '20 at 13:24
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    @K_dev "images" directory must be located under the same directory of your markdown text file which has ".md" extension. I did not add any config to vscode. – nevzatseferoglu Apr 29 '20 at 19:36
  • Works fine with Jupyter Notebooks :-) – Orco Mar 4 at 20:46

The best solution is to provide a path relative to the folder where the md document is located.

Probably a browser is in trouble when it tries to resolve the absolute path of a local file. That can be solved by accessing the file trough a webserver, but even in that situation, the image path has to be right.

Having a folder at the same level of the document, containing all the images, is the cleanest and safest solution. It will load on GitHub, local, local webserver.

images_folder/img.jpg  < works

/images_folder/img.jpg  < this will work on webserver's only (please read the note!)

Using the absolute path, the image will be accessible only with a url like this: http://hostname.doesntmatter/image_folder/img.jpg

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    +1 for "The best solution is to provide a path relative to the folder where the md document is located." It showed the images on my local machine. – MasterJoe Apr 2 '20 at 7:03

To add an image in markdown file the .md file and the image should be in the same directory. As in my case my .md file was in doc folder so i also moved the image into the same folder. After that write the following syntax in .md file

![alt text](filename)

like ![Car Image](car.png)

This has worked for me.


if image has bracket it won't display

![alt text](Isolated(1).png)

rename the image and remove brackets

![alt text](Isolated-1.png)

Update: if you have spaces in the file path, you should consider renaming it too or if you use JavaScript you can encode it using


Also, always try to save images and files alike with lowercase, please develop that habit, just my personal view though


Adding a local image worked for me by like so: ![alt text](file://IMG_20181123_115829.jpg)

Without the file:// prefix it did not work (Win10, Notepad++ with MarkdownViewer++ addon)

Edit: I found out it also works with html tags, and that is way better: <img src="file://IMG_20181123_115829.jpg" alt="alt text" width="200"/>

Edit2: In Atom editor it only works without the file:// prefix. What a mess.



Working for me ( for local image )

![system schema](doc/systemDiagram.jpg)

 ├── doc
     └── jobsSystemSchema.jpg
 ├── README.md

markdown file README.md is at the same level as doc directory.

In your case ,your markdown file should be at the same level as the directory files.

Working for me (absolute url with raw path)

![system schema](https://server/group/jobs/raw/master/doc/systemDiagram.jpg)

NOT working for me (url with blob path)

![system schema](https://server/group/jobs/blob/master/doc/systemDiagram.jpg)
  • I think that your url is not valid: There's one slash missing after https. A bit late, maybe. :) – funder7 Oct 26 '19 at 23:29
  • Thanks @Funder, I correct the the url , it was a miss typing . 😉 – Lingjing France Nov 14 '19 at 15:28

Depending on your tool - you can also inject HTML into markdown.

<img src="./img/Isolated.png">

This assumes your folder structure is:

 ├── img
     └── Isolated.jpg
 ├── README.md
  • Only this worked for me on VSCode markdown display – jewishmoses Mar 6 at 12:56

To my knowledge, for VSCode on Linux, the local image can be normally displayed only when you put the image into the same folder as your .md post file.
i.e. only ![](image.jpg) or ![](./image.jpg) will work.
Even the absolute path like ![](/home/bala/image.jpg)also doesn't work.


Another possibility for not displayed local image is unintentional indent of the image reference - spaces before ![alt text](file).

This makes it 'code block' instead of 'image inclusion'. Just remove the leading spaces.


I've had problems with inserting images in R Markdown. If I do the entire URL: C:/Users/Me/Desktop/Project/images/image.png it tends to work. Otherwise, I have to put the markdown in either the same directory as the image or in an ancestor directory to it. It appears that the declared knitting directory is ignored when referencing images.


In Jupyter Notebook Markdown, you can use

<img src="RelPathofFolder/File" style="width:800px;height:300px;">
  • did quick edit (and typo fix) to help readability, should be right link but worth checking in case :) – Daniel Brose Apr 14 '20 at 6:20
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    Pro: added HTML customization using <img > tag – Sumanth Lazarus Aug 2 '20 at 10:00

Either put the image in the same folder as the markdown file or use a relative path to the image.


just copy the image and then paste it, you will get the output


You may find following the syntax similar to reference links in markdown handy, especially when you have a text with many displays of the same image:

![optional text description of the image][number]

[number]: URL

For example:


![This is an optional description][2]

[1]: /home/jerzy/ComputerScience/Parole/Screenshot_2020-10-13_11-53-29.png
[2]: /home/jerzy/ComputerScience/Parole/Screenshot_2020-10-13_11-53-30.png


The basic syntax is ![Image description](Any_Image_of_your_choice.png "title"). In my case, I used image name as Any\ Image\ of\ your\ choice.png in ![Image description](Any\ Image\ of\ your\ choice.png) instead of ![Image description](Any_Image_of_your_choice.png) and it was not working. So I would say make sure to check the image directory and also image name doesn't contain spaces if so use underscore(_) instead of space.

Faced issue while using markdown in Jupyter notebook in Ubuntu 18.04.


I got a solution:

a) Example Internet:

![image info e.g. Alt](URL Internet to Images.jpg "Image Description")

b) Example local Image:

![image Info](file:///<Path to your File><image>.jpg "Image Description")
![image Info](file:///C:/Users/<name>/Pictures/<image>.jpg "Image Description")


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