I've dropped a column from a model in my database using a sequelize migration and, even though the migration executes with success, sequelize is still trying to query the same field in my Node.js application.

Here's the code I'm trying to execute:

db.Alarm.all({ logging: console.log })

Here's part of the query log output (user_id is the dropped column):

Executing (default): SELECT "id", "driver_id", "dismissed_by", (...), "user_id"
FROM "alarms" AS "Alarm" WHERE "Alarm"."deleted_at" IS NULL;

And here's part of the catch output:

{ [SequelizeDatabaseError: column "user_id" does not exist]
name: 'SequelizeDatabaseError',
message: 'column "user_id" does not exist',
 { [error: column "user_id" does not exist]
 name: 'error',
 length: 101,
 severity: 'ERROR',
 code: '42703',
 detail: undefined,
 hint: undefined,
 position: '257',
 internalPosition: undefined,
 internalQuery: undefined,
 where: undefined,
 schema: undefined,
 table: undefined,
 column: undefined,
 dataType: undefined,
 constraint: undefined,
 file: 'parse_relation.c',
 line: '3090',
 routine: 'errorMissingColumn',
 sql: 'SELECT "id", "driver_id", "dismissed_by", (...), "user_id" FROM "alarms" AS "Alarm" WHERE "Alarm"."deleted_at" IS NULL;' }

I've removed the user_id field and the belongsTo(User) association from my Alarm model. The only reference my model has to User is by the column dismissed_by, with can be seen in the outputs above. I've also checked my Alarms table in PostgreSQL and indeed there's no user_id column, so I've no idea of what's going on.

Update: This problem seems to be affecting only foreign keys columns. I've been able to add/remove/rename other columns from the model successfully but got the same problem when renaming the column dismissed_by.

  • perhaps having the models before and after the migration could work. Need more info to help – Dan Rocha Jan 12 '17 at 15:50
  • @DanRocha the problem was an association I've forgot to remove in one of the models – Diogo M. Santana Jan 16 '17 at 10:59

Turns out I've missed a hasMany association in the User model (for the user_id column). It just worked fine when I removed it =]

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