I firstly installed MongoDB 3.4.1 today. But when I start it and use MongoDB shell, it gave me these warnings below:

C:\Users\hs>"C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\3.4\bin\mongo.exe
MongoDB shell version v3.4.1
connecting to: mongodb://
MongoDB server version: 3.4.1
Server has startup warnings:
2017-01-12T21:19:46.941+0800 I CONTROL  [initandlisten]
2017-01-12T21:19:46.942+0800 I CONTROL  [initandlisten] ** WARNING: Access control is not enabled for the database.
2017-01-12T21:19:46.942+0800 I CONTROL  [initandlisten] **          Read and write access to data and configuration is unrestricted.
2017-01-12T21:19:46.942+0800 I CONTROL  [initandlisten]

my computer is Microsoft Windows [version 10.0.14393].


Mongodb v3.4

You need to do the following to create a secure database:

Make sure the user starting the process has permissions and that the directories exist (/data/db in this case).

1) Start MongoDB without access control.

mongod --port 27017 --dbpath /data/db

2) Connect to the instance.

mongo --port 27017

3) Create the user administrator (in the admin authentication database).

use admin
    user: "myUserAdmin",
    pwd: "abc123",
    roles: [ { role: "userAdminAnyDatabase", db: "admin" } ]

4) Re-start the MongoDB instance with access control.

mongod --auth --port 27017 --dbpath /data/db

5) Connect and authenticate as the user administrator.

mongo --port 27017 -u "myUserAdmin" -p "abc123" --authenticationDatabase "admin"

6) Create additional users as needed for your deployment (e.g. in the test authentication database).

use test
    user: "myTester",
    pwd: "xyz123",
    roles: [ { role: "readWrite", db: "test" },
             { role: "read", db: "reporting" } ]

7) Connect and authenticate as myTester.

mongo --port 27017 -u "myTester" -p "xyz123" --authenticationDatabase "test"

I basically just explained the short version of the official docs here: https://docs.mongodb.com/master/tutorial/enable-authentication/

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    I do like you said but just one problem is that this --auth have to pass every time or for one time. if everytime then how to give with service because in a server I want to like this sudo service MongoDB start? – suresh pareek Jun 20 '17 at 7:54
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    @sureshpareek You can configure this in the mongodb.conf file if you do not want to pass it everytime, more info here: docs.mongodb.com/manual/reference/configuration-options/… – K - Toxicity in SO is growing. Jun 20 '17 at 8:03
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    @sureshpareek No problem man! Check here if you wanna know more about it: stackoverflow.com/a/42929869/1137669 I explain in in a little more detail. – K - Toxicity in SO is growing. Jul 29 '17 at 12:22
  • I fail in first step .I was version v3.6.5 .The same warning and it shutdown – wyx Jun 7 '18 at 7:27
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    Seriously guys... Why you don't say to enable the security.authorization in mongod.conf ?????? – John Aug 22 '18 at 9:27

You need to delete your old db folder and recreate new one. It will resolve your issue.

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