Ok, so i want a command line tool to download a github repo without creating a local git repo.

One idea is a download tool to download github zips from a url like


im on windows 7 and dont want to have to install curl or wget. only native tool?

it would preferable to not download a zip but just somehow clone the repo and not have the local git repo ever created.

ideas without using git? In effect it would be a git clone and del .git directory

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    Just curious, why? If you just clone and delete the .git, it's just done. – caveman Nov 12 '10 at 5:56
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    @JakubNarębski fatal: depth 0 is not a positive number Did this option change? (Using v2.7.4 on Mac OS X) – F Lekschas Nov 12 '16 at 23:27

If you were willing to still use git (just not create a repository) you could do it with git archive as explained in this question.

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    how would you do this from github though? – lukemh Nov 12 '10 at 5:25

Immediately above the main directory (to the right) for the folder/files being viewed is a tab with a URL and a "Download" button to pull all the files.

If you DO NOT see those options then you must click the directory link above the viewing area (i.e. some name > some folder > some other folder) to essentially back out of the directory until you see the option to "Download" and that is the entire compressed file to be downloaded.

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