I want to rasterize a 2d doughnut into a matrix/pixels (the result should be a filled doughnut).

The doughnut is defined by r1, r2, x0, y0.

I suspect the optimal solution is some function of Bresenham's algorithm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midpoint_circle_algorithm

Any ideas?


Yes, it is possible to fill donut with Bresenham circle or Midpoint algorithm.

Start parallel walks for inner and outer circles for the 1st quadrant. Build horizontal segments when Y changes. Stop walk for inner circle when it's top is reached and continue with outer one.

Note that you have to remember the first (biggest) outer X-value, but the last (smallest) inner X-value for the same Y.


Bresenham is far from optimal these days ... what about exploiting circle equation:

(x-x0)^2 + (x-y0)^2 = r^2

so let:

x0,y0 - center
r1 - outer radius
r2 - inner radius
xs,ys - screen resolution
scr[ys][xy] - screen matrix

in C++ it looks like this:

int x,y,xx,yy,rr,rr1=r1*r1,rr2=r2*r2;
for (y=y0-r1;y<=y0+r1;y++)                  // loop all y positions
 if ((y>=0)&&(y<ys))                        // clip to screen
  for (yy=y-y0,yy*=yy,x=x0-r1;x<=x0+r1;x++) // loop all x positions
   if ((x>=0)&&(x<xs))                      // clip to screen
    xx=x-x0; xx*=xx; rr=xx+yy;
    if ((rr>=rr2)&&(rr<=rr1))               // is in between radiuses?

You can get rid of the screen clipping if statements easily by pre-computing bounds for both loops that are inside screen ...

For filled circles is this approach usually faster then Bresenham not to mention easily parallelisable.

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