Im looking to create multiple folders within multiple folders, but only in those foldersthat end with , Location.

Folders to create

06.8 Principal Designer (PD)
06.9 Structural Engineering Registry (SER)

Folders to create in

4000 Project Title, Location
4001 Project Title, Location
4002 Project Title, Location
4999 Project Title, Location

EXAMPLE: XXXX Project Title, Location\06. Reports\06.8 Principal Designer (PD)

My current non working code

for /d  %a in ('dir c:\temp\temp\*location ') do md 'C:\temp\temp\%a\06. Reports\06.8 Principal Designer (PD)'

Your code looks like cmd not PowerShell. I will answer assuming that you intend to use the regular Command Prompt.

To iterate over directories use for /d:

for /d %a in (C:\Temp\Temp\*location) do md "%a\06.8 Principal Designer (PD)"

Single quotes are not special to cmd.exe; use double quotes around file names containing spaces.


in PowerShell

$dirtocreate =('06.8 Principal Designer (PD)', '06.9 Structural Engineering Registry (SER)')
Get-ChildItem "c:\temp\temp\*Location" -Directory | %{$dir=$_.FullName;$dirtocreate | %{New-Item -ItemType Directory -Path "$dir\$_" } }

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