I have created beta version of my app and uploaded it to iTunes Connect for TestFlight testing without any problems.

Later, I decided to implement In-App purchase. I visited apple page with identifiers and found out that there is already explicit App ID for my app. I wanted to edit my explicit App ID and enable In-App purchases.

Disabled in-app purchases

When I clicked "Edit" button, I found out that In-App Purchase checkbox is grayed out and cannot be edited.

IAP cannot be enabled

The In-App Purchase should be enabled by default according to the apple documentation:

Explicit App IDs are App IDs whose Bundle Identifier portion is a string without the wildcard ("*") character. Furthermore, they are automatically registered for in-app purchase and Game Center

Any idea how to enable the In-App Purchase? (I would like to use the same bundle ID).


Am not sure if it was some sort of bug or I really resolved the issue.

Here are the steps I have done:

1.) Enable In-App Purchase in Capabilities

IAP Capabilities

2.) Upload new version of the app to the TestFlight testing. I have checked my AppID afterwards, but In-App purchase was still disabled.

3.) Wait... Relax, enjoy the weekend. :)

4.) Check your App ID after the weekend

Enabled In-App Purchase

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