I am converting dataset table into custom object using linq:

  var list = (from row in ds.Tables[0].AsEnumerable()
          select new MyObj
             Porp1 = row.Field<string>("field1"),
             Prop2 = row.Field<string>("field2")

How do I check that a column with specific name is exists, and if not, assign empty string?

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something like:

 row.Columns.Contains("...") ? row.Field<string>("field1") : string.Empty

More Precisely:

 row.Table.Columns.Contains("...") ? row.Field<string>("field1") : string.Empty

To check if a column exists you should check if the column name exists in the DataTable.Columns colleciton like this:

// Given a datatable named table:
bool columnExists = table.Columns.Contains("columnname");

Alternatively, if you are on .Net 4, you could use the support for dynamic types to return the value of a column if a column exists and a default value in any other case. I blogged about something like that a while ago:


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