I have installed Eclipse Neon.2 Release (4.6.2).
Also installed spring tools 3.8.3; when I am trying to create spring boot project using spring starter; I am not able to add Gradle Build ship type even I have installed it(Buildship: Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle 2.0.0.v20170111-1029).
I am getting following error :
Can not import using Gradle (Buildship) because Buildship Gradle Tooling is not installed. You can install it from Eclipse Marketplace.

  • did you manage to create spring boot project using buildship? – jchips12 Jan 27 '17 at 5:19

Looks like the latest version of buildship 2.0 is not yet compatible with STS 3.8.3.

I uninstalled the 2.0 from marketplace, use this older version 1.0.21 and I was able create a spring boot project.

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