Given my relational db background, I am struggling to get my head around data storage in IONIC 2. Having read numerous tutorials and articles on this, I have a general idea on how to proceed but was hoping to get some advise if I am on the right track. I am keen on using NoSQL so many of the tutorials using Ionic's SQL Storage didn't help.

So far, I am inclined to either use Ionic 2's Storage or Pouch DB. I am unable to see the difference. Both use SQLite when run as native apps, or fallback on IndexDB or WebSQL.

What's the recommended practice here?


You're right, PouchDB and Ionic Storage both offer a pretty similar base functionality:

  • You can store and retrieve JSON files. Retrieving data works either by a key or all at once.

  • Both can use different databases to store your data in.

But PouchDB offers some more features:

  • Replication: This is PouchDB's killer feature! You can replicate/synchronize a PouchDB to any other database that implements the CouchDB synchronization protocol. Depending on the app you're trying to build this could save you a lot of work.
  • Map/reduce queries: If you have a relational db background, take a second to think about how you are going to query your database. Ionic Storage only offers a get by key and a forEach iterator: How will this scale/perform if there are thousands of entries in your database? PouchDB, on the other, hand offers an API to perform map/reduce queries, to persist those queries to gain more performance and so on...

TLDR: If your use case is to store and get a few documents locally, Ionic Storage is the way to go. No need to add a new dependency and a dead-simple API. If your use case includes synchronizing to a remote database (preferably CouchDB) or includes doing complex queries on a lot of documents, I would recommend using Pouch.

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    I have got started with Ionic Storage now. Gladly I don't need to sync my database or perform complex queries at this point. I just send the JSON to a back-end, which then generates a PDF report. Perhaps if this grows, I will switch to PouchDB. Thanks! – Muhammad Jan 16 '17 at 11:35

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