I have a C# solution that contains unit tests automatically generated from a .csv file via text templates.

The .csv file is a nice table for any team member to refer to, and serves as living documentation of the system.

We're running TFS 2015 and I understand that Markdown can be used in conjunction to provide clear system documentation.

Is it possible to use Markdown to display the contents of a .csv file (stored on the TFS server) within a table? So that if the .csv file is edited, the Markdown page reflects this?

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For now, it's impossible. Detail info about Markdown page in TFS, please refer this tutorial: Markdown guidance

I have created a uservoice for you, you can vote up for it and TFS admin will kindly review the suggestion.

Show contents of .csv file in Markdown



you can use dbeaver that will create a markdown table of your query result

enter image description here

click on export data and than:

enter image description here

next next

and in Output section check Copy to clipboard

enter image description here

click next and at the end click proceed

enter image description here

now you can copy your markdown text saved in your clipboard (this is the place where the system store data once you hit CTRL+C) insiede your markdown file

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