Can someone help me finding the word frequency in all lucene index
for example if doc A has 3 number of word (B) and doc C has 2 of them, I'd like a method to return 5 showing the frequency of word (B) in all lucene index

  • what kind of an index size are you looking at? depending on that you might want to think of using Hadoop to do so, or a simple index parser to collect the word frequencies in a map. – anirvan Nov 12 '10 at 18:23

This has been asked multiple times:


Assuming you work with Lucene 3.x:

IndexReader ir = IndexReader.open(dir); 
TermDocs termDocs = ir.termDocs(new Term("your_field", "your_word"));
int count = 0;
while (termDocs.next()) {
   count += termDocs.freq();

Some comments:

dir is the instance of Lucene Directory class. It's creation differs for RAM and Filesystem indexes, see Lucene documentation for details.

"your_filed" is a filed to search a term. If you have multiple fields, you can run procedure for all of them or, alternatively, when you index your files, you can create special field (e.g. "_content") and keep there concatenated values of all other fields.

  • awfully TermDocs is not in lucene 5.3.1 which I use :( – inverted_index Nov 24 '16 at 19:02

using lucene 3.4

easy way to get the count, but you need two arrays :-/

int[] docs = new int[1000];
int[] freqs = new int[1000];
int count = indexReader.termDocs(term).read(docs, freqs);

beware: if you would use for read you are not able to use next() any more, because after the read() you are already at the end of the enumeration:

int[] docs = new int[1000];
int[] freqs = new int[1000];
TermDocs td = indexReader.termDocs(term);
int count = td.read(docs, freqs);
while (td.next()){ // always false, already at the end of the enumartion

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