Can i develope .net 4 application with vs 2008?

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    You could develop .NET 4 applications with NotePad if you wanted. You just have to compile by hand... Nov 12, 2010 at 18:48

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No. You need VS 2010.


No, but you can download visual studio express which is free. That will allow you to create .Net 4.0 applications.



No, you can not.


.NET Framework 4 is quite different from previous versions, and VS2008 doesn't support this. At least for now you have to use VS2010 to target .NET Framework 4.


This has been asked before, see:

Can I (and how do I) target .net 4 with vs 2008?

So it appears you cannot. .NET 4 definitely had a beta, and I was thinking that was available for VS2008, but I guess I was mistaken and it was only available with the VS2010 beta.

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