Today I've just downloaded "dotnet-dev-osx-x64.1.0.0-preview1-002702.pkg" and installed it. After that I tried "dotnet" command in my terminal, nothing printed.

I also tried Spotlight searching, seems nothing found.

Where is this package installed at all?


The key thing is you need to locate the file dotnet.exe, then create a new Symbolic link to create a new shortcut link to that dotnet.exe file in the usr/local/bin folder. Sometimes you see this error "/usr/local/bin//dotnet: File exists", it means the link already exists in that folder (and it's normally a faulty one), to fix that you need to go to that folder and delete the link.

After you have located the dotnet.exe file, in my case it's in the '/usr/local/share/dotnet/dotnet' folder. Create a new symbolic link for it using this command:

ln -s /usr/local/share/dotnet/dotnet /usr/local/bin/

Done! You can run the "dotnet" command now...Hope it helps

  • Thanks for the explanation and the fix, just had the same issue and this resolved it. Thanks Hung Vu ! – Rob212 Nov 6 '17 at 14:57
  • @Hung Vu Please could you explain this line a bit? "ln -s /usr/local/share/dotnet/dotnet /usr/local/bin/ " where and how in my terminal should i run that command? in any directory? – bruzza42 Aug 18 '20 at 8:30
  • It works perfectly, I used Command+Shift+G to open the find dialogue box · Input the following in the search box: "/usr/local/bin" – Anthony Agbator Mar 5 at 16:27

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