Can someone explain whether it is possible to use spring stored procedure with spring crud repository or paging repository, at least for data fetch part?

I am trying to integrate existing code which uses spring stored procedure with spring repository. but, I don't want to use JPA.


You can call the Stored Procedure in Spring Data JPA like below

First Declare the Stored Procedure in Entity

@Table(name = "MY_TABLE")
   @NamedStoredProcedureQuery(name = "proc_with_input", 
                              procedureName = "pkg.proc_with_input",
                              parameters = {
                                 @StoredProcedureParameter(mode = ParameterMode.IN, name = "inputParam", type = String.class)
   @NamedStoredProcedureQuery(name = "proc_with_input_output", 
                              procedureName = "pkg.proc_with_input_output",
                              parameters = {
                                 @StoredProcedureParameter(mode = ParameterMode.IN, name = "inputParam", type = String.class),
                                 @StoredProcedureParameter(mode = ParameterMode.OUT, name = "outputParam", type = String.class)
public class MyTable implements Serializable {
    // Table properties 

    // Setters and Getters

The call the procs in JPA reporsitory interface like below.

public interface MyTableRepository extends CrudRepository<MyTable, Long> {

    @Procedure(name = "proc_with_input")
    public void inOnlyTest(@Param("inputParam") String inputParam);

    @Procedure(name = "proc_with_input_output")
    public String inAndOutTest(@Param("inputParam") String inputParam);
  • The OP does not want to use JPA – Jens Schauder Jan 17 '17 at 13:24

There is no official Spring Data module that works directly with jdbc without JPA.

But there is an open source project https://github.com/jirutka/spring-data-jdbc-repository that tries that, although it seems somewhat stagnant. Since you actually create subclasses, it should be able to add/override methods with ones that use stored procedure / jdbc template, since all you should need for this is a DataSource.


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