Note: I didn't wrote all of the web-page code so I'm not sure about what pdiv is,I just want to try if i can change this small issue [want to make text color change when clicked to indicate which section you're reading]

The section is like this:

enter image description here

and then when you clicked it will show all menu section:

enter image description here

function menuShowPol(pdiv){
                                      style.display=="none") { 
                            .style.display = "inline-block";
		} else {
                                    .style.display = "none";
function changeColor(pdiv){
                        .style.color = "#ff0000"; // forecolor
               .style.backgroundColor = "#ff0000"; // backcolor

  $menutext .= "<div id=\"country_menu_report_name\"
                      changeColor('".$pol."'); return 

is there anyway to make it by use only css? or if it has to be java can you help me? thanks

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    Please change your php code to the output html so we could actually see the problem.. – Mosh Feu Jan 17 '17 at 16:31

you can actually pass "this" to your events, which will give access directly to the element that was interacted with. Here is a low-tech version (as said by others, you should use css classes to pack different states of your divs).

notice the onclick="changeColor(this)" in the header divs. also, I linked country_menu_report_X to menu_pol_X, which is not the best of practice, but hey, it works, and it's vanilla.

function changeColor(pdiv){
   var myid = pdiv.id;
   var otherid = myid.replace("country_menu_report_", "menu_pol_");
   var otherdiv = document.getElementById(otherid);
   var toggle = otherdiv.style.display == "none";
       pdiv.style.color = "#0000ff"; // forecolor
       pdiv.style.backgroundColor = "#ccccff"; // backcolor
      otherdiv.style.display = "none";
       pdiv.style.color = "#000000"; // forecolor
       pdiv.style.backgroundColor = "#aaeeaa"; // backcolor
       otherdiv.style.backgroundColor = "#ccffcc"; // backcolor
       otherdiv.style.display = "block";
<div id="country_menu_report_a" onclick="changeColor(this)" style="user-select:none; cursor:pointer; color:#0000ff; background-color:#ccccff;" >test div A. click me</div>
<div id="menu_pol_a"style="display:none" >menu item A</div>
<div id="country_menu_report_b" onclick="changeColor(this)" style="user-select:none; cursor:pointer; color:#0000ff; background-color:#ccccff;" >test div B. click me</div>
<div id="menu_pol_b" style="display:none" >menu item B</div>


In my opinion I think If you try to call the button

$menutext .= "<div id=\"country_menu_report_name\" onclick=\"menuShowPol('".$pol."');changeColor('".$pol."'); return false;\">".$thispol."</div>\n";

The function has to pick up the same button

Look at the function that your looking for an element with the id:

document.getElementById('menu_pol_div'+pdiv).style.display = "inline-block";

You Need look same id in this line:


or $menutext .= "".$thispol."\n";

and look the "pvid" is in the ID: example


$menutext .= "<div id=\"country_menu_report_name\" onclick=\"menuShowPol('".$pol."');changeColor('".$pol."'); return false;\">".$thispol."</div>\n";

you can use:

pvid = "report_name\"

I would have two css classes:

   color: red;

.unread {
   color: blue;

Then, I would do something like this:

function changeColor(pdiv){
    //get all divs and remove read class.
    var divs = document.getElementsByClassName('read');
    for(var div in divs){
    //add read class to current div.

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