I created a map of geolocated tweets in a tableau map. I am trying now to crate, inside this map a time lapse according when these tweets were tweeted for a presentation, but I cannot find the way. Actually I don't know if that is possible with tableau.

I attach a capture of how the maps looks right now with all the tweets.

map with tweets


If you have a dataset which is not updated on a regular basis with new dates, then I might have an idea:

  • right-click on [created_at] and create a parameter based on that dimension  configuration of my slider
  • right-click this parameter and "Show Parameter"
  • change the appereance of the parameter-card to "Slider"

  • then create a calculated variable to get a filter on the date, something like this:

    IF [Date Parameter] = [created_at] THEN "show"
    ELSE "hide"
  • with this filter on "show" you can only see the tweets of that exact day

Here is my result with an exemplary dataset.

(It should work the same way on maps.)

my result

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  • with a bit more adjustments to the parameter and the filter-variable you might also achieve something like showing whole weeks or months instead of only exact days. ;-) but this i haven't tested yet. – KMGehweiler Feb 7 '17 at 19:18

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