I want to build an Edit popup dialog with an input form in Angular2 using the PrimeNG widgets. I run into trouble with dynamic content of that dialog box (see screenshot).

<p-calendar> in <p-dialog>

I've naïvely been trying to wrap the CalendarModule in a div that is positioned above the other elements. (see Angular Template HTML below)

<p-dialog [(visible)]="display" [modal]="true" [resizable]="false">
<table class="ui-datatable-responsive">

    <td class="ui-cell-data">Start By:</td>
    <td class="ui-cell-data">
      <div [style]="generateSafeStyle('position:relative; z-index:1000')">
        <p-calendar dateFormat="dd.mm.yy" [(ngModel)]="value"></p-calendar>

However it seems the DialogModule frames all its content. Is there a hack to overflow that frame?

How would you handle that?

Thank you.

P.S: The generateSafeStyle Function just uses an injected DomSanitizer and works fine.

 return this.sanitizer.bypassSecurityTrustStyle(style);
  • Please refer to my reply on another question. The same technique can be used here: – developer Feb 21 '19 at 9:16

So I would guess things have changed since this was originally asked, but I found that if I added

[contentStyle]="{'overflow': 'visible'}"

to the p-dialog it allowed the calendar popup to overflow the dialog border.

  • That's the solution! Your beer is on me ;) – speti43 Sep 30 '19 at 14:38

just use appendTo="body", it will show calendar above all, even if it is in table, popup or scroll panel

<p-calendar [(ngModel)]="invariable.value" dateFormat="mm/dd/yy" required appendTo="body" readonly></p-calendar>

  • This didn't work for me. Rather than the calendar appearing cropped in my popup <div>, now it appeared 100% width, at the very bottom of my browser window. I actually want the calendar to appear at the same place on my browser window, but not cropped. – Mike Gledhill Nov 17 '20 at 13:38

The only thing that worked so far were the following style options:

<p-calendar dateFormat="dd.mm.yy" [(ngModel)]="dueDate" [style]="{'position': 'fixed', 'overflow': 'visible', 'z-index': '999'}">

This however smashed up the table. So I got rid of the table and used flexboxes to align the elements. Looks better anyway like this.

  • I just set my position to relative and that fixed it. – Jeff Sep 12 '17 at 21:51
  • This did not work for me because of the floating label. Had to use appendTo solution from @mAhESh – Mathias Apr 12 at 5:55

It's related to overflow:auto on .ui-dialog-content

In dialog there is a div with class .ui-dialog-content make overflow:visible in that div and it will fix this problem.

  • Yup, this was the solution for my issue, using my own popup. I didn't realise that adding "overflow:visible" actually has a different behavior to not having an "overflow" setting in there at all. – Mike Gledhill Jan 13 at 12:44

If you check official PrimeNG Calendar documentation, you will find list of attributes for calendar component, among them there's style attribute which you can use to add needed CSS:

<p-calendar dateFormat="dd.mm.yy" [(ngModel)]="value"
[style]="{ 'position': 'relative', 'z-index': '1000' }"></p-calendar>
  • This is exactly what I do, just with the DomSanitizer. If I do it as you state, it additionally produces this beautiful warning: "WARNING: sanitizing unsafe style value [object Object] (see g.co/ng/security#xss)." – KayleeTheMech Jan 18 '17 at 14:23
  • @YvonneReinhardt I don't think you need to use DomSanitizer. I just tested the code I provided and it's working without any issues/warnings. – Stefan Svrkota Jan 18 '17 at 14:26
  • Okay, I might not need the div, and then I don't get any warning without the DOMSanitizer as well. However, this is not the issue, because the CalendarModule is still framed within the DialogModule and its ugly scrollbars... grrr Thanks for trying :-) – KayleeTheMech Jan 18 '17 at 14:32
  • @YvonneReinhardt That's CSS problem then, but this is how style is applied to p-calendar. – Stefan Svrkota Jan 18 '17 at 14:36

I found a better solution for this. Just add a method on click listeners and select element ui date picker (click)="modifyStyle()"

In ts file import elementRef and Renderer2 constructor(private ele: ElementRef, private ren: Renderer2) {}

 let ui = this.ele.nativeElement.querySelector(".ui-datepicker");

this.ren.setStyle(ui, "top", "unset")

That's it.

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