I have the following Problem. I have got aProductionOrderList = new ReactiveList<ProductionOrderViewModel>();

the ProductionOrderViewModel has a Property Itemsleft, which gets updated internally

    private readonly ObservableAsPropertyHelper<int> itemsLeft;

    public int ItemsLeft => this.itemsLeft.Value;


    this.itemsLeft = this
             .WhenAny(x => x.Ticks, x => x.Value)
             .ToProperty(this, x => x.ItemsLeft, scheduler: DispatcherScheduler.Current);

What i want to accomplish is when ever any item in the List comes to a point where the Itemsleft property is 0, it should be removed from the List.

I tried it this way

 ProductionOrderList.ItemChanged.Where(x => x.Sender.ProductionOrder.ItemsLeft ==0)
               .Subscribe(v =>
                  // do stuff

but it did not work unfortunately.

Help is very much appreciated.


So I found a working solution, it even seems rigth and clean, though I am totally open for improvements. I have done the following

this.WhenAnyObservable(o => o.ProductionOrderList.ItemChanged)
            .Where(x => x.PropertyName == "ItemsLeft")
            .Select(x => x.Sender)
            .Where(x => x.ItemsLeft == 0)
            .Subscribe(x =>

I hope this helps others which habe a similar problem.

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