I'd like to set up an Azure Data Factory pipeline which performs a move (i.e. copy, verify, delete) operation rather than just a copy operation between Blob Storage and a Data Lake Store. I cannot seem to find any detail on how to do this.


Azure Data Factory does not have a built-in activity or option to Move files as opposed to Copy them. You can however do this with a Custom Activity.

This example on github shows how to do this with Azure Blob:



If you feel this is an important feature, please add a feedback request:


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    Rather painful that this requires me to build a DLL...I'll give it a go though, thank you. – Sam Jan 20 '17 at 1:29
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    Consider making the feature request and post a link here. I'll vote for it, plus others landing at the page might too. Also if you get some code working, feel free to post it and mark as an answer yourself; I think that would be genuinely useful. – wBob Jan 21 '17 at 10:41

From the product team on ADF here. While we're working on "Delete" as a first class activity in ADF, we have published a sample in Github in how users can delete files (in this case, Azure Blob) once they've been copied using ADF copy activity.


This is possible using the ADF custom .Net activity. The sample showcases the following:

  • a C# file which can be used as part of ADF custom .net activity to delete particular blobs or an entire folder.
  • Users need to provide a list of Azure Blob datasets to be deleted as a comma separated list in the 'inputToDelete' extended property in the pipeline json. The custom .Net activity will retrieve the dataset FolderPath and filename property. In case FolderPath is only specified, it will delete all the contents of the blob folder.

Contents of the Github repo:

  • DeleteFromBlobActivity.cs - C# file to be used as part of ADF Custom .Net activity to delete blob folders
  • PipelineSample.json - Showcases how to invoke the ADF Custom .Net delete blob activity. Replace placeholders corresponding to datasets names, schedule and linked services in the sample pipeline json.

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