I am trying to have the Devise log in form be on my home page.

When I just copy the form over, of course I get errors because the 'resource' variables and etc are not set in the action.

I found this solution on the internet: http://pupeno.com/blog/show-a-devise-log-in-form-in-another-page/

However, his solution is to set the needed variables in a module called ContentHelper.

Where do I put this code? I tried putting it in the initializers, but I still get the error about 'resource' variable not existing

  • Thank you life saver. I also wanna perform login functionality in a different controller, not devise, and I searched for a few hours until I see you quenstion :D
    – David
    Commented Jan 8, 2019 at 7:15

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See if this entry in the devise wiki helps you!



Put the module in a file in app/helpers/content_helper.rb. If you still get errors add helper :content to your controller.

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