From Apple: "You should never present a split view inside of a navigation or tab bar interface."

They don't say why, and they only say "should" not. What would happen if I do it? I can imagine so many good use cases where I would want to!


Your application may crash. The UISplitViewController was designed to be the root view controller in the VC stack.

SO Question: Split view controller must be root view controller

Also, as stated in the Class Reference:

The split view controller has no significant interface of its own. Its job is to coordinate the presentation of its two child view controllers and to manage the transitions among different orientations.

  • The statement in the CRef doesn't explain why it would be bad :) It would be theoretically no problem to have some kind of controller managing two views laying out next to eachother inside a root view controller of an navigation controller. – Proud Member Nov 13 '10 at 18:55
  • As an iOS developer, I have realized that Apple doesn't always explain everything they do or why they do it; we just have to roll with it. – Evan Mulawski Nov 13 '10 at 19:03

I wrote this question which is related. As Evan notes, usually you just have to roll with Apple's damands. I tried to work around their restrictions; it failed horribly. UISplitViewController is extremely fragile if you do anything Apple don't want you to.

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