When I run a playbook runrole.yml this way:

ansible-playbook -i ',' runrole.yml -e "ROLE=allwindows" -e "TARGETIP=" -e "ansible_port=5986" --ask-vault-pass

runrole.yml has:

- hosts:  '{{TARGETIP}}'
  - { role: '{{ROLE}}' }

It works (i.e. it runs against, but it fails because I have not provided all additional arguments

ansible_user: Administrator
ansible_password: SecretPasswordGoesHere
ansible_connection: winrm

I would like Ansible to use variables which are defined in group-vars/allwindows.yml.

It will work, If I add into inventory file into a group [allwindows] host


and run using:

ansible-playbook runrole.yml -e "ROLE=allwindows" -e "TARGETIP=" -e "ansible_port=5986" --ask-vault-pass

It works fine as it detects that belongs to a group allwindows. In certain scenarios I would like to run a role against a host without touching the inventory file. How do I specify to include group allwindows to use all variables from group_vars/allwindows.yml without modifying the inventory file?

  • There're some steps which are not needed. I have to create a file, add some content into it run a command and delete that file. If I won't delete that file I would have to review it when I do commit into repository. Ideally I would like to run just a line without doing all those extra steps. – user1325696 Jan 19 '17 at 22:46
  • Take a look at this solution – Konstantin Suvorov Jan 20 '17 at 16:41
  • @KonstantinSuvorov I don't have an issue with running a role. The issue with running a role against a node which is not in the inventory file. I believe your solution will have same problem as eventually it is doing same thing under the hood. – user1325696 Jan 20 '17 at 19:05

I have found a hack how to do that. It is not nice as @techraf's answer but it works with ansible-playbook

ATARGETIP= && echo "[allwindows]" > tmpinventory && echo "$ATARGETIP" >> tmpinventory && ansible-playbook -i tmpinventory runrole.yml -e "ROLE=allwindows" -e "TARGETIP=$ATARGETIP" -e "ansible_port=5986" --ask-vault-pass && rm tmpinventory

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