In csproj file, we can include a file using either None or Content element. From MSDN, it says that:

None - The file is not included in the project output group and is not compiled in the build process. An example is a text file that contains documentation, such as a Readme file.

Content - The file is not compiled, but is included in the Content output group. For example, this setting is the default value for an .htm or other kind of Web file.

But since either None or Content element can contains a CopyToOutputDirectory element, thus I wonder if I set this to be Always, wouldn't the behavior of None and Content be the same?

  • When building an msi/setup project you can include different file types in the build and specify different locations for them. Ie you can specify that the Content files be placed in a particular folder. Note this doesn't answer your question, but pointjng out that the file types can/are used by other tools as well. Commented Jan 20, 2017 at 1:33

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Not everything which is copied to your output directory, by setting CopyToOutputDirectory, is copied to the Content Output Group. Therefore, you may do this:

File1---CopyToOutputDirectory = Copy always, Content 
File2---CopyToOutputDirectory = Copy always, Content 
File3---CopyToOutputDirectory = Copy always, None

All three files will be copied to output directory but only File1 and File2 will be copied to Content Output Group.

Furthermore, Content allows you to retrieve a file (in same directory as the assembly) as a stream via Application.GetContentStream(URI). For this method to work, it needs a AssemblyAssociatedContentFile custom attribute which Visual Studio graciously adds when you mark a file as Content.

None and Content are values for How the file relates to the build and deployment process. Therefore, your build (MS Build for example) and deployment may be very different than simply taking files from the output directory. You may have a .bat file that you do not really need in the output directory but you need it for deployment.

This SO answer has more details about the different build actions.

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    Why adding the File1 and File2 into your answer? It seems like only one of them would suffice. Am I missing something here? Commented Apr 14, 2021 at 13:06
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    An obvious difference I found is when they get published: "None" items don't get included in publish folder, "Content" items do. it only happens in some project types. eg: .net framework WebAPI application, .net framework Console application). but, .net core WebAPI application is not the case. Commented Oct 12, 2021 at 5:25
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    @KevinXiong that is a good explanation that makes sense. Published items get in to "app" but None items only show up for Test. Perhaps that is what Content Output Group is.
    – dashesy
    Commented Dec 29, 2021 at 22:51

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