The title sums it up: I'm looking for a way to build and install a jar file into maven's local repository on my machine in IntelliJ IDEA without having to go to command prompt each time and issue an mvn install:install-file command.

The biggest part is that I want the IDE to read the project's info from pom, like groupId, artifactId and version!



My assumption is that you have a source code of Maven project and you want to build it and install to local repository. First, you need to import it into IDEA as IDEA project.

It's very simple: "File" -> "Open..." -> select POM file and choose to open it as a project. IDEA will do the rest.

When you have already opened Maven project in IDEA, you can install it to local repository in two ways:

  1. Go to "Maven Projects" sidebar. Expand "Lifecycle" node of your project and click "install".
  2. Use "Terminal" window. It's a command line interface for your project, where you can type "mvn install". This way is more useful, when you need to customize Maven execution with additional parameters like profile selection.
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    Thanks it worked. But the project that I was trying to install is my own. I just wanted to make it available system-wide. – Mehran Jan 20 '17 at 2:59

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