Trying to strip some BBCode from some text. I would like to remove everything between a [img] and a [/img], using a PHP preg_replace function, for example:

Here is my image[img]http://www.abc.com/image1.jpg[/img] and more text

Match: [img] followed by any number of characters followed by [/img]


Here is my image and more text


  • Well, it's not working. I tried /\[\i\m\g\]/ and that seemed to match [img]. It's the rest of the string I cannot figure out. – Mark Nov 14 '10 at 2:03
  • Read up some tutorials on regular-expressions.info – mario Nov 14 '10 at 2:16

First, find the pattern that would match your BBCode tag:


The only hard part is the class [^\]]. The \[ means any opening bracket and the ^ means NOT. So this class will match everything that is not a [.
You could also replace the class with .+ and use the U (ungreedy) option.

Now that you now which pattern to use, you just have to replace it with... an empty string. And the job is done!

This is a very basic regexp, it's important that you understand it and that you are able to reproduce it

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will take care of everything between [img] and [/img] (case in-sensitive)

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don't forget to group your content e.g. '/[img](.+)[\/img]/i', so in you replace condition you can reference the value between the tags '<img src="$1" />'

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