what i want to achieve

I want to pack a .clang-format file with my software, which only gets used if the user doesn't provide their own.

My idea so far is to use clang-format -style=file which will find the users .clang-format if it is "located in one of the parent directories of the source file". (Which might be the case because it is in their home directory, or because they are using my package as a git submodule, or because they manually placed it after downloading my software).

If no .clang-format file is found, then the one shipped with my software should be used - e.g. by symlinking to mypackage/auxiliary_files/.clang-format in the top level. I want to do this somewhat automatized from cmake directly or by calling a shell script from cmake (or other).

workflow in short

clang-format finds .clang-format: do nothing (as shell script exit 0; as cmake script set(I-FOUND-CLANG-FORMAT 1) or something similar)

clang-format doesn't find .clang-format: call ln -s auxiliary_files/.clang-format

what I don't want to do

I don't want to write a loop which replicates the search behaviour of clang-format (going one directory up to look for .clang-format until either it's found or the top most directory is reached) to have built-in 100% compatibility.

options i've seen but didn't figure out how to use for my goal

clang-format does not appear to return a non-zero status code if no style file has been provided although style=file is set, even if -fallback-style=none is set. I also don't see in the printout if the fallback option or the regular option is used.



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