Currently I have a pipeline job which has different paramters where one of this parameters is a Choice parameter. Here is the config.xml output of that job parameter:

    <choices class="java.util.Arrays$ArrayList">
        <a class="string-array">

Now I can call this job from a pipeline via by passing a string parameter:

build job: "NameOfTheJob"", parameters:
    [$class: 'StringParameterValue', name: 'BRANCH', value: "${BRANCH}"],

But I couldn't get a way to define the parameters for a choice parameter:

I have tried the following:

build job: "NameOfTheJob"", parameters:
    [$class: 'StringParameterValue', name: 'BRANCH', value: "${BRANCH}"],
    [$class: 'ChoiceParameterValue', name: 'WHERE', value: 'F3'],

But this failed with the following error:

java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: no known implementation of class hudson.model.ParameterValue is named ChoiceParameterValue

So the question is: How to define a choice parameters in calling an other pipeline job:

build job: "NameOfTheJob"", parameters:
    [$class: 'StringParameterValue', name: 'BRANCH', value: "${BRANCH}"],
    [$class: '??????', ????],

Does someone has an example of such thing?

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    I have seen a working example that uses the below syntax: build job:'NameOfTheJob', parameters: [ string(name: 'Action', value: "test"), string(name: 'AnotherOption', value: "test12") ] – c3st7n Jan 20 '17 at 8:49
  • Please add your comment as answer so I can accept it...Thanks. – khmarbaise Jan 20 '17 at 9:28
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I have seen a working example that uses the below syntax:

build job:'NameOfTheJob', parameters: [
      string(name: 'FirstOption', value: "test"),
      string(name: 'AnotherOption', value: "test12")

Basically, don't treat the choice parameters in a special manner, just treat them as regular string parameters.

In script mode you can also do it like this, at the moment it is bugged and it expects the choice parameters as a newline delimited string instead of an array. When using the Pipeline and JenkinsFile in script mode you can do a quick fix like follows:

    [parameters([choice(choices: ["A", "B", "C"].join("\n"),
    description: 'Some choice parameter', 
    name: 'SOME_CHOICE')])])

You can put this before your first node statement to add parameters to your builds.

Update: example multi select with extended choice parameter plugin in Jenkins pipeline file:

com.cwctravel.hudson.plugins.extended_choice_parameter.ExtendedChoiceParameterDefinition extendedChoiceParameterDefinition = new com.cwctravel.hudson.plugins.extended_choice_parameter.ExtendedChoiceParameterDefinition(
    "OPTION_NAME", // name
    "PT_CHECKBOX", // type
    "option1,option2,option3", // values
    null, // projectName
    null, // propertyFile
    null, // groovyScript
    null, // groovyScriptFile
    null, // bindings
    null, // groovyClasspath
    null, // propertyKey
    "option1,option2", // defaultValue
    null, // defaultPropertyFile
    null, // defaultGroovyScript
    null, // defaultGroovyScriptFile
    null, // defaultBindings
    null, // defaultGroovyClasspath
    null, // defaultPropertyKey
    null, // descriptionPropertyValue
    null, // descriptionPropertyFile
    null, // descriptionGroovyScript
    null, // descriptionGroovyScriptFile
    null, // descriptionBindings
    null, // descriptionGroovyClasspath
    null, // descriptionPropertyKey
    null, // javascriptFile
    null, // javascript
    false, // saveJSONParameterToFile
    false, // quoteValue
    10, // visible item count
    "Select your options", // description
    "," //multiSelectDelimiter

normalChoiceOptions = ["option1","option2"]

                choice(choices: normalChoiceOptions.join("\n"), description: 'Single select option', name: 'SOME_OPTION'),                
  • Does it work for multi select, I feel it work only for single select. – Aditya Feb 21 at 5:41
  • SIngle choice only, for multiple select you can use other plugin such as extended choice plugin or similar ones. The last time I did they did not have proper pipeline integration yet so coding it was a little annoying. I will add a example in my original post. – Arjan Schokking Jul 5 at 9:14

Based on the tip of c3st7n I have tested the following:

build job: "NameOfTheJob"", parameters:
    [$class: 'StringParameterValue', name: 'BRANCH', value: "${BRANCH}"],
    [$class: 'StringParameterValue', name: 'WHERE', value: "F3"],


This works.

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