During SAP Fiori Launchpad configuration we use semantic object.What is semantic Object and why it is used in SAP FIORI?

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On SAP Fiori Launchpad, navigation to tiles is done via "intents".

What is an intent: An intent is a unique combination of a semantic object (for example, Purchase Order) and an action (for example, Display) and an optional set of navigation parameters.

To summarize: When a user clicks a tile in their launchpad, the intent (including optional parameters) navigates to the app and opens it.

Semantic Object: Represents a Business entity(e.g Purchase Order) which represent an application in an abstract way by not focussing on implementation.

More information on Fiori Launchpad Objects here : https://help.hana.ondemand.com/cloud_portal/frameset.htm?18b3fc15e6fe487baa99be07c1da82c3.html



The easy answer is that it allows you to map URLs to Fiori applications to objects in the Launchpad


Semantic Object: Represents a business entity such as a customer, a sales order, or a product. Using semantic objects, you can bundle applications that reflect a specific scenario. They allow you to refer to objects in a standardized way, abstracting from concrete implementations of these objects. You can either use semantic objects shipped by SAP, or create new semantic objects.

Please see also Configuring Navigation


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