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event keyword creates two methods add_* and remove_* (its working like property).

what is the difference

public event MyDelegate event1;
public MyDelegate event2 { get; set; }

why should use event keyowrd?

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  • to prevent myItem.event2 = null;, myItem.event2 = myOther.event2; etc. with event all we can do is to add and remove but not call, assign etc. dangerous operations – Dmitry Bychenko Jan 20 '17 at 13:59

One reason is safety. If you implement an event like delegate field:

 public MyDelegate event2 { get; set; }

you'll be able to do dangerous things:

 MyObject test = new MyObject();

 // removing all listeners
 test.event2 = null; 
 // just a little typo `=` instead of `+=`
 // means now complete substitution of the listeners instead of adding one  
 test.event2 = myMethod; 

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