I have a selenium grid2 set up on an AWS instance, and I was wondering if there's a way I could view the logs on my local machine?

I understand I can visit: http://MyServerAddress/grid/console and view all of the nodes but I want the actual log. Its a bit of a pain having to remote desktop to the server each time I want to view it.

I was thinking something like http://MyServerAddress/grid/log but alas, it doesnt seem to be an option.


There's nothing available out of the box. But you can build this on your own.

  • You would first need to enable logging for your Grid and have the logs dumped to a specific folder.
  • You would now need to build a custom Servlet and inject it into the servlet (See here for details on how to do it )
  • Assuming that your servlet is called "HubLogServlet", you should be able to access it via the link http://localhost:4444/grid/admin/HubLogServlet

You can refer to this LogServlet for a sample.

  • This answers my question. Thanks for this. – Festivejelly Jan 23 '17 at 14:06

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