I'm playing with Android SDK 10 (I want to support devices from sdk 10)

I can't figure how to auto center the text in a Imageview.

The only way I can think of to center the text is to use padding, but I don't like it, it must be a better solution.

  1. Resizing Image from asset is not working

    InputStream ims = context.getAssets().open("myimage.png");
    Drawable d = Drawable.createFromStream(ims, null);
    d.setBounds(0, 0, (int)(d.getIntrinsicWidth()*0.5),
    ScaleDrawable sd = new ScaleDrawable(d,0,px,py);
    Image = new ImageView(context);
    TextView t = new TextView(this.context);

Is there a way to add the text to image asset (ImageView) ?

Right now I added the TextView and ImageView in a RelativeLayout.

What is the best practice to create a group of asset image and text so that when I move the image the text is following (centered )


You can always add the CENTER_HORIZONTAL rule to the RelativeLayout, so all of its children remain centered horizontally.


Try this. Keep Framelayout as the parent layout where you are adding the views. Now use LayoutParams to set the ImageView's gravity, height and width.

  LinearLayout.LayoutParams layoutParams = new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(ViewGroup.LayoutParams.MATCH_PARENT, ViewGroup.LayoutParams.MATCH_PARENT);
  layoutParams.gravity = Gravity.CENTER;

Now in the FrameLayout first add the Imageview and then the textview. Do not change anything for the textview.

  • it doesn't work, I will update the code with part of my class – Sodasi Web Jan 20 '17 at 15:53
  • Actually it is working, bu is not centered because of the first problem. The ScaleDrawable is not resizing the image. Do you have any ideea why ? – Sodasi Web Jan 20 '17 at 15:59
  • Instead of using the Scalable Drawable you can Add calculateInSampleSize() and decodeSampledBitmapFromResource() from link Calculate the required Width and required Height image you want and pass those values to calculateInSampleSize(). Also set the Scaletype of the ImageView according to your needs – Dhananjay Sarsonia Jan 20 '17 at 17:14
  • I will take a look and if is what I need I will pick this answer. Thank you – Sodasi Web Jan 22 '17 at 13:53

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