How to use Raspberry Pi as a bridge b/w USB Tethered mobile phone and Router, using "ethernet cable b/w Raspberry Pi and router" and "USB cable b/w mobile phone and Raspberry pi"?


To do so you need to create a software bridge b/w "usb0"(usb interface) and "eth0"(ethernet interface) on raspberry-pi. You need to take following steps:

Connect your android phone and raspberry-pi using USB cable and Turn on "USB-Tethering" from your phone. Your raspberry-pi should be recieving internet connection. Connect raspberry-pi to router using ethernet cable. Enable "dhcp" on the router.

Now type the following commands on your bash terminal.

 sudo brctl addbr usb2eth
 sudo brctl addif usb2eth eth0
 sudo brctl addif usb2eth usb0
 sudo brctl stp usb2eth on
 sudo ifconfig usb2eth up

after waiting for at most two minutes internet on your router should be up and running. Now you should be able to access the internet over wifi through router.

Note: you can install brctl using "sudo apt-get install bridge-utils"


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