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I have 2 different database in my MySql server.

First table DB1.contacts:

id | name | code
1  | foo  | 157
2  | foo  | 95
3  | foo  | 210

Second table DB2.paperworks:

id | name | contact_id
1  | foo  | 0

I would like to update DB2.paperworks, set DB2.paperworks.contact_id = max(DB1.contacts.code) of DB1.contacts.contacts table where DB2.paperworks.name = DB1.contacts.name

My desidered output should be:

Second table after query DB2.paperworks:

id | name | contact_id
1  | foo  | 210

This is my query:

UPDATE DB2.paperworks
JOIN DB1.contacts
ON DB2.paperworks.name = DB1.contacts.name
SET DB2.paperworks.contact_id = DB1.contacts.code

I don't understand how to write che "MAX(code)" condition. Can you help me, please?

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A slightly simpler form of update will do the trick:

UPDATE DB2.paperworks
SET DB2.paperworks.contact_id = (
    select max(DB1.contacts.code)
    from DB1.contacts
    where DB1.contacts.name = DB2.paperworks.name
    group by DB1.contacts.code

Try this:

UPDATE DB2.paperworks
SET DB2.paperworks.contact_id = (
    SELECT MAX(DB1.contacts.code)
    FROM DB1.contacts
    WHERE DB2.paperworks.name = DB1.contacts.name

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