i run my program in background as follows:

nohup ./program -c config.cfg &

So i saw segmentation fault in my program and decided to run my program with gdb. My program has some infinite loops and may take some hours to deal with a segmentation fault error, again.

So i want to run the program on background.

How should i pass the gdb arguments to nohup?

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I tried my hand at getting the gdb debugger to run in the background, but it's designed to be an interactive tool. I think what you are looking for here is a screen. A screen allows you to background the entire shell session by creating a virtual terminal.

Create the screen instance:

me@mybox$ screen -S my_screen_name

Then run:

me@mybox$ gdb --args ./program -c config.cfg

Once you are in the screen, Ctrl-A-D will detach the screen so you can go about your business and it will keep running.

To reattach:

me@mybox$ screen -r my_screen_name

Once you are done, type Ctrl-D in the screen to terminate the screen. For more help with screens, see man screen.

  • Very Nice! Thank you
    – Rezaeimh7
    Jan 21, 2017 at 16:38

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