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I'm running a flask app. I'd like to write out a log.

app = Flask(__name__)

print() statements don't work. (possibly because I'm running flask in a docker container?) Somewhere on the web I found this syntax:'successful query')

Which works except the output is fairly bulky:

INFO in app [/usr/src/app/]:
successful query

You can imagine how a bunch of these in a row are kind of annoying. You printing 4 lines ever time you could print one.

Is there a simple, easy way to log arbitrary messages in flask on one line?

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It turns out the best way to do this is to use (or any one of app.logger's functions), but change the format with app.debug_log_format

This StackOverflow question has more details.

I think the Formatter is the best way to do that. For example:

import logging
from logging.handlers import TimedRotatingFileHandler
from flask import Flask

app = Flask(__name__)

formatter = logging.Formatter("[%(asctime)s] %(message)s")

handler = TimedRotatingFileHandler('path/to/file.log', when='midnight', 
                                   interval=1, backupCount=5)

asctime and message are predefined attributes.

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