I have a few variables as the following, I want to use it in a media query, I trying to use #{viewport-$type} but no lucky, sass compiler would not compile my syntax and say "unclosed parenthesis in media query expression". So, how should I do that? can anyone helpe? thanks.

$viewport-large: "max-width: 1441px";
$viewport-midium: "max-width: 1281px";
$viewport-small: "max-width: 1025px";

$type: midium;

@media (#{viewport-$type}) {
    // ...

I don't think you can reference variables dynamically within media query in Sass. However for things like this you can use Sass maps along with the map-get function.

  large: "max-width: 1441px",
  medium: "max-width: 1281px",
  small: "max-width: 1025px");

$type: medium;

@media (map-get($viewport, $type)) { /* map-get - param 1 is the map, param 2 is the key */
  #demo {
    color: red;

Here is the reference thread from Sass GitHub page.

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