I am looking at getting the 13 inch macbook pro with the touchbar. I am going to be using it for Xcode development. I was wondering how does Xcode use the touchbar. Meaning that what function keys for xcode come up on the touchbar?

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From this article:

New features in the IDE to support Touch Bar development include:

  • Touch Bar displays context-specific buttons when in the Xcode editor, commit sheet, navigator and Interface Builder.
  • Debug button in the Control Strip lets you pause and inspect your app while Xcode is in the background.
  • Interface Builder button updates the frames of selected objects and their children.
  • Classes in Interface Builder make it easy to add Touch Bar features to your Mac apps.
  • Touch Bar simulator works on any Mac so you can see how your app works with the Touch Bar.
  • @ConfusedDeer this is heartbreaking! ouch!
    – Tony Adams
    Jan 26, 2018 at 15:49
  • @TonyAdams I guess they heard me, cause it now has step-over, step-into, etc, buttons on the touchscreen. Jan 26, 2018 at 16:29
  • 1
    @ConfusedDeer I was looking for that feature, I don't see it on Xcode 10, where do you see it?
    – Genki
    Sep 27, 2018 at 17:11
  • 2
    I just needed to tap the magic icon? or the spraying can icon to expand the set of buttons.
    – Genki
    Sep 27, 2018 at 22:48

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