I'm working on a requirement,for a Rails Application, to add an Icon to the Column Title for the list outcome from a Ransack form. The icon should be something a double arrow head that is similar in style to the icons that Ransack appends to a column title to show it has been sorted by that column. Something like this Sortable IconThe Ransack sort_asc or sort_desc icon should replace the sorting icon. I've search the Ransack documentation, Stackoverflow and google in general to no avail.
Here is a fragment of the search list *.html.haml file.

                = sort_link(@query, :title)
                = sort_link(@query, :description)
                = sort_link(@query, :company_name, 'Company')
                = sort_link(@query, :shift)
                = sort_link(@query, :address_state)
                = sort_link(@query, :address_city)`and the direction of the sort.

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Ransack has configuration options for custom_arrows. You may use it in ransack initializer to override default arrows. For example:

Ransack.configure do |config|
    config.custom_arrows = {
      up_arrow: '<i class="fa fa-long-arrow-up"></i>',
      down_arrow: 'U+02193'
  • yes but is there a way to set an icon for the initial display of an unsorted column to show that it is sortable? Jan 23, 2017 at 12:39
  • 1
    @PaulCaston Ransack does not support this behaviour. You will need to override order_indicator method in ransack FormHelper: github.com/activerecord-hackery/ransack/blob/…
    – Slava.K
    Jan 23, 2017 at 13:01
  • Thanks @Slava.K just what I was looking for. Jan 27, 2017 at 4:35
  • @PaulCaston you can now use default_arrow
    – lafeber
    Apr 14, 2021 at 9:25

As mentioned by @Slava.K, you can adjust the Ransack configuration in an initializer or override Ransack's FormHelper.

But if you want to do this manually in your view, you can! Use the sort_url helper to create the link, then check Ransack's sorts array to determine which sort is being used and what direction (asc/desc), then render the appropriate icon.

This example will display one of three icons (up/down/neutral) depending on the field if it was sorted or not, and which direction it was sorted. We will use the fontawesome-sass gem to render an icon but you can replace the icon() helper with whatever icon method/markup you want to use.

  # some_view.html.slim

  = link_to sort_url(@q, :name)

    # Display label
    span Name

    # Sort icon

    # Check if ransack applied a sort to this field
    - sort = @q.sorts.find {|s| s.name == 'name'}

    # Render appropriate icon (up/down/neutral)
    # If this column is sorted by 'asc' display 'sort-up' icon
    = icon(:fas, 'sort-up') if sort.present? and sort.dir == 'asc'

    # If this column is sorted by 'desc' display 'sort-down' icon
    = icon(:fas, 'sort-down') if sort.present? and sort.dir == 'desc'

    # If no sort is applied display a neutral icon
    = icon(:fas, 'sort') unless sort.present?

We can simplify the code above by using a ternary operator, like so...

  # some_view.html.slim

  = link_to sort_url(@q, :name)
    span Name
    - sort = @q.sorts.find {|s| s.name == 'name'}
    = icon :fas, sort.present? ? (sort.dir == 'asc' ? 'sort-up' : 'sort-down') : 'sort'

If you want to get really fancy and keep your view's DRY, you could create a helper method similar to Ransacks sort_url or sort_link and place this markup into it. It could look something like this...

  # some_helper.rb

  def custom_sort_link(search_object, attribute, *args)
    link_to sort_url(search_object, attribute, *args) do
      sort = search_object.sorts.find {|s| s.name == attribute.to_s}
      content_tag(:span, attribute.to_s.capitalize) + icon(:fas, sort.present? ? (sort.dir == 'asc' ? 'sort-up' : 'sort-down') : 'sort')

And then in your view, call custom_sort_link like so...

  # some_view.html.slim

  = custom_sort_link(@q, :name)

As a side note, if you have FontAwesome Pro, the duotone icons look way better. Just replace :fas with :fad.


The default sorting icon can be implemented like this:

if defined?(Ransack)
  Ransack.configure do |config|
    config.custom_arrows = { default_arrow: '<i class="fa fa-sort"></i>' }

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