I made a model with Flexmix function. I used a train dataset and I want to predict the results for a new dataset.

I have the following codes:

m1 <- stepFlexmix(Y~X1+X2+X3+X4,data=scores_train,control=list(classify="hard"),

Then the following error message appears with the last line of code :

Error in model.frame.default(model@terms, data = data, na.action = NULL, : les longueurs des variables diffèrent (trouvé pour 'X1')`

But when I checked the size of my dataset, everything is right :

> length(scores_test$X1)
[1] 381
> length(scores_test$X2)
[1] 381
> length(scores_test$X3)
[1] 381
> length(scores_test$X4)
[1] 381
> is.data.frame(scores_test)
[1] TRUE

So I really don't know what does this error mean, is anyone can help? Thanks a lot.


In fact, this error message appears because clusters can't predict clusters for a new dataset in the case of a flexmix model.

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