I have a LEFT JOIN select statement that retrieves values from 2 tables: tableA and tableB. The syntax is as follows:

SELECT tableA.first, tableA.middle, tableA.last, tableB.full FROM tableA LEFT JOIN     
tableB ON tableB.full LIKE concat('%',tableA.middle,'%');

What is the best type of index to have for this statment? I've tried one on tableB.full but according to my EXPLAIN statement, it is not being used.

Note: though it's probably obvious, I am a newbie to join statements. thx.

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The condition

`field` LIKE '%foo'

cannot be optimized with index. You should avoid such conditions.


Here it says:

The following SELECT statements do not use indexes:

SELECT * FROM tbl_name WHERE key_col LIKE '%Patrick%';
SELECT * FROM tbl_name WHERE key_col LIKE other_col;

In the first statement, the LIKE value begins with a wildcard character. In the second statement, the LIKE value is not a constant.

If you use ... LIKE '%string%' and string is longer than three characters, MySQL uses the Turbo Boyer-Moore algorithm to initialize the pattern for the string and then uses this pattern to perform the search more quickly.

Unfortunately I don't know if in that case the Turbo Boyer-Moore algorithm can benefit from an index.

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