I'm defining my own command in my vimrc:

command! Tcs :normal lvf`hc

The aim is that I go on a backtick and it will delete the inner content from here to the next backtick. Like:

`hi there` -> ``

Problem is that is remains in normal mode, I would like to replicate the c command behaviour so that I can start typing immediately in insert mode.

I've tried command! Tcs :normal lvf`hc :startinsert but whatever I put after the last c will be typed directly in the editor.


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    And what's wrong with ci` (change inside backtick)?!!! Which is a built in normal mode command and works even when you are not in between backticks.
    – dNitro
    Jan 23, 2017 at 12:06

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From :help :normal >

        :norm[al][!] {commands}                   *:norm* *:normal*
        {commands} should be a complete command.  If
        {commands} does not finish a command, the last one
        will be aborted as if <Esc> or <C-C> was typed.             

This implies that an insert command must be completed.


In your case the command normal has been aborted that's why you still in normal-mode. You can still try :normal! i

To get what you want instead you can do :

command! Tcs execute "normal lvf`hd" | :startinsert
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    it works, thank you! I actually read that help, but I couldn't understand the way you worked it out. I'd say it's a bit obscure.
    – pietro909
    Jan 23, 2017 at 12:06

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