I am new to JPA

I am trying to query a table where my input date value should be between the startDate and endDate of the database record

I am trying to do:

List<Predicate> conditionsList = new ArrayList<Predicate>();
conditionsList.add(criteriaBuilder.between(inputDate, root.get("startDate"), root.get("endDate")));

I found the below solution from Using JPA/Hibernate Criteria to pull between a date:

ParameterExpression<Date> d = criteriaBuilder.parameter(Date.class);
criteriaBuilder.between(d, root.<Date>get("startDate"), root.<Date>get("endDate")); 

But how to set the Parameterexpression value to inputDate variable value before adding the CriteriaBuilder to the Predicate?

  • Can you show your root class?
    – jonhid
    Commented Jan 23, 2017 at 12:37

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You can try this way.

    Predicate date =  cb.between(root.get("date"), dateBefore, dateAfter);

this way works for my case.

But for your case (using ParameterExpression).

    return entityManager.createQuery(query)
    .setParameter(d, currentDate, TemporalType.DATE).getResultList(); 

When you create the query you set parameters. currentDate is your date, d is ParameterExpression that you create before.

I prefer the first way, it is more intuitive and logical for me.


Try this:


Something like this should work...

List<Predicate> conditionsList = new ArrayList<Predicate>();
Predicate onStart = criteriaBuilder.greaterThanOrEqualTo(root.get("startDate"), inputDate);
Predicate onEnd = criteriaBuilder.lessThanOrEqualTo(root.get("endDate"), inputDate);
criteriaQuery.select(root).where(conditionsList.toArray(new Predicate[]{}));
  • Thanks, I was wondering whether builder.between(date) is possible through ParameterExpression or some other way possible Commented Jan 23, 2017 at 13:08
  • this does'nt work ... take for example start_date = 2020 and end_date = 2022 and you trying to find it using the query in the question by providing the input 2021 Commented Feb 15, 2019 at 8:36

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