From the Rails Guide I found following three code snippets

ActionCable.server.broadcast("chat_#{params[:room]}", data)

This simple broadcast sends the data to a specific chat room

while broadcast_to as shown below seems to send data to all chatrooms within a channel to which current user is subscribed .

  title: 'New things!',
  body: 'All the news fit to print'

Here is another type of broadcast broadcast_for - for which i couldn't get any example .

My question is what is actual difference between these three and when to use each of 'em - thanks in advance


broadcasting_for returns an object that can be reused. This is useful for sending multiple messages to the same room in different points in code / time. broadcast ends up calling broadcasting_for, so it's basically the same.

broadcast_to comes off the channel class. You use this after you've created a channel. Let's say you want to notify all the subscribers of blog post comments. Then your channel would look like the example:

class CommentsChannel < ApplicationCable::Channel
  def subscribed
    post = Post.find(params[:id])
    stream_for post
# use CommentsChannel.broadcast_to(@post, @comment)

But if you wanted to send more directed messages to a particular user then you could have a class called EmailNotifications that only cares about a particular user.

class EmailNotificationsChannel < ApplicationCable::Channel

  title: 'You have mail!',
  body: data[:email_preview]   # some assumption of passed in or existing data hash here

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