Dear stackoverflow community,

I am working on a project that involves upgrading Outlook (2007) for my client to Outlook 2016. They have an add-in developed to perform a creation of a special type of appointment by using a web form. I do not have access to the code of that add-in.

My goal is to create a solution that:

  1. would allow users to perform the same task with (ideally) identical user interface (considering outlook UI changes stylistically between 2007 and 2016).
  2. integrates outlook with in-house web application.
  3. pass the Outlook user to the web application for proper authorization (to be researched)

Opening a web page in the appointment creation screen is desirable as I have skills to make that page do and look like the way I want (I have web dev background).

I have done some research and found two resources that got me closer to making a decision, but I am still not sure if they both are capable of creating a solution.

Outlook/office product team apparently decided to rename "Apps for office" that they introduced with office 2013 back into "add-ins", which makes research more confusing/complicated. I could not find a similar stack overflow question.

Is there another way to look at the problem?

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You can find all about the new Office Add-ins (as you remarked, yes they were renamed from Apps for Office a while back) at https://dev.office.com/.

For Outlooks specifically, you can find more details with references, how-to's and many more here: https://dev.outlook.com/

  • Thank you Philip. Feb 14, 2017 at 20:08
  • The documentation there seems the most up to date and maintained as supposed the docs for old add-ins which are getting archived/not maintained any more. I will try to use the new add-ins for as much as possible and will have to rollback to the old Add-ins for the features not yet supported. It would be super-helpful to see extensibility comparison between old and new add-ins. I will link it here if I find one. Feb 14, 2017 at 20:16

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