I want to share my local wordpress site with another developer with git in a way our database will be same when he setups my wordpress site in his local PC.

I am using windows 7 OS


I'm not sure if what you are asking for is possible.

here is my suggestion (the database should be on a real server)

if you use CPanel:

1- In the CPanel create the database and new user and assign the user to the database
2- In the CPanel Go to Remote MySQL, add your IP address and the other developer IP address. (to allow remote access)
3- Export the database from your local PC and import it to the CPanel.
4- Change the wp-config.php configuration.

Note: The urls should be the same on your PC and the developer pc.
for example if your website url on your pc is : http://localhost/mywebsite/ the other developer should make it the same.


I would suggest keeping your database out of git (except perhaps the database definitions).

Instead you can leverage git hooks. Using something like pre-push, run a mysql dump command to get the current state of your db, and copy it to a shared Dropbox/Drive folder with your team mate.

mysqldump -u root -p --all-databases > ~/Dropbox/shared-with-tm/mysql.sql

Completely untested This is a vague answer to answer a vague question - but might give you a starting point.

  • Could do in pre-commit something like mysqldump, and then add the file to commit. And track the file in git LFS. – Jeroen Jan 24 '17 at 22:43

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