Assume I have two projects like [GCR-project] and [read-project]. I want to pull images stored in GCR in [GCR-project] from a VM in [read-project]

I have already referred this, but did not work. I tried two ways namely,

1. Adding service account to IAM:

I added [read-project]'s VM service account mail to [GCR-project] with role set to Storage > Storage Object Viewer. Now, trying to pull docker container in [read-project]'s VM using the command

docker pull asia.gcr.io/<GCR-project-id>/<folder>/<container-name>

failed with 403. I also tried this command:

gcloud docker pull asia.gcr.io/sharedproject-156002/em/textextractor:8-jre-p4

which also failed with 403. I tried upgrading the role to editor role to the service account in IAM. After this also, docker pull command failed with 403.

2. Adding service account to gsutil acl:

All GCR repositories are actually cloud storage buckets. So, I tried editing the bucket acl to allow read permissions for the [read-project]'s VM service account by using the command:

gsutil acl ch -u <service-account-mailID>:R gs://artifacts.$PROJECT_ID.appspot.com

After this trying out docker pull command also failed with 403.

How to pull docker images from VM of different project? I would also like to know to access docker images in GCR from VM other than GCP like AWS.

  • Could be a lot of things, but a first guess is that your instance lacks a necessary scope. Use the command in the question you referenced to check: curl -H 'Metadata-Flavor: Google' $SVC_ACCT/scopes. Also be aware that the instance's default credentials will only include scopes specified when the instance was created. See cloud.google.com/compute/docs/access/… – Brandon Yarbrough Jan 24 '17 at 6:07
  • Oh I get that!! May be after specifying the service account, I think I need to create another instance and check it out!! @BrandonYarbrough That was a good catch bro!! Will check it out and let you know. – Lakshman Diwaakar Jan 24 '17 at 6:15

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